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iZOO is developed to covers all fauna species in Malaysia explicitly. iZOO stands for interactive and zoology, where the concept of zoology can be captured and understood interactively. Not only providing the species data to exhibit the diversity of fauna in Malaysia, iZOO is created to achieve beyond that with providing more information such as species listings, distribution maps, conservation status, and journal papers published so users will be able to view zoology from different perspective.

        It is design to be a one stop center for fauna information where the public can access all the information there is about species they want in a single site. All the data in iZOO is primary and secondary data, supplied by Zoology Branch of Forest Biodiversity Division, FRIM. As of now at pilot phase, there are 50 species of small mammals uploaded into the database while more taxa will be added in the future.

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                 Zoology Branch (ZOO),

                Forest Biodiversity Division,

                Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM),

                52110 Kepong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

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