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iZOO is developed to covers all fauna species in Malaysia explicitly. iZOO stands for interactive and zoology, where the concept of zoology can be captured and understood interactively. Not only providing the species data to exhibit the diversity of fauna in Malaysia, iZOO is created to achieve beyond that with providing more information such as species listings, distribution maps, conservation status, and journal papers published so users will be able to view zoology from different perspective.

Latest News


Heomys spinosa or known as Spiny Turtle is declared as Endangered species by the IUCN on year 2000. Read here for more detail. Spiny turtle can be found in Malaysia on higher altitude area. Lets us protect this species to ensure its survival.


This species is listed as Least Concern because of it common and widespread, occurring in a number of protected areas, it is tolerant to some degree of habitat modification, and because it is unlikely to be declining at nearly the rate required to qualify for listing in a threatened category. 

Source: IUCN redlist

View this species in our page: Callociurus prevostii


A premier forest research institute, FRIM has a responsibility to conduct research and development for national and global needs. This conference is eleventh in the series of conference on forestry and forest product organised by FRIM. Its theme "Forestry R, D & C: Meeting National and Global Needs" reflects the direction in which FRIM is heading.